Trick or Treat

Francey Beall
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We made it !! The weather is finally cooling and our first holiday approaching. Remember to always drive safely....but Halloween is approaching. Be on the look out for trick and treaters coming to your home. Same thing as preparing for your next move. Be sure and properly hydrate and eat healthy food when preparing for your move. Our crews will sometimes bring their snacks to munch during the moving day.....but a good idea to have water and snacks or fruit on hand to keep everyone's energy level up. Don't be spooked by a move.....sometimes can get a little scary. Be sure and call Fantastic Moves to hold your hand and get you comfortably through the process.

Another good tip when preparing for a move is to monitor your food purchases at the old home. Packing up is a good time to throw out old food. You can donate unopened food. Our company works with Move For Hunger a nationwide company that supports local food banks. When packing up your home save a few boxes to donate unopened food. Fantastic Moves will take from your home and get boxes to the local food bank.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to drive safely.

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