Our Philosophy

Our Customers.
There is a reason people need movers. We like to know that reason.

People move into their 1st apartment. They move into Gated Communities. Sometimes they need the piano moved across the room. Sometimes they just liked their neighbor’s house better.  People are not as nimble as they used to be – but the holiday decorations are in the attic.

People move because they get married. They get a new job. They get a better job. Sometimes the job did not work as planned. The kids moved out. And yes – the kids move back.  Sometimes people can no longer live alone and want a watchful eye nearby.  Some people really….really…really can no longer stand the Hot Summers!!

Furniture has a story. We treat each piece knowing that.

We know every move is different and every customer is different. Furniture can look the same but each piece has a different story.  A wicker stool from grandma can mean more than a new oversized armoire. Sometimes the remote control is more valuable than a watch.  What we have learned over the years is that furniture is not just wood and nails – but memories and a story.  Our team appreciates those stories.  Oh…and treadmills are mostly used to hang clothing…

Our employees matter. We brag that we have the best movers.

Knowing that we have movers that have worked with us over 10 years means they must be pretty good.  We have seen our guys get married & have kids. We have helped them buy a house. We have welcomed them back to our family if they needed to leave for a while. Our crew looks out after each other.  They are a team.

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