What We Know

Who moves?

Everyone: Young and old. Black and white. Gay and straight. Sometimes a combination of all the above. Everyone is a moving customer.  Which one are you?

What do people move?

Usually boxes and furniture. And appliances.

Sometimes a child’s small toy or a man’s big stuffed animal. We’ve been asked to move a live animal. But really…people move memories / things they love / or junk they just have not found time to get rid of. Please tell us your most interesting item to move.


People move year round. All hours of the day. Usually during work hours. Sometimes when their soon to be ex-partner is at work. Most of the time they move the day before they are ready to be moved.  Let us get you ready.

Where do people move?

People move nearby, across the city, across the state. Sometimes the same apartment complex.Sometimes the house next door. Sometimes from the attic to the living room. We can do it all.

Why do people move?

For a change. To save some change. Because it feels right. Or the kids left.  OR….before the kids can move back. They got a new job. We listen to why you are moving.

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