Retired and Ready to Relocate? Find the Best Dallas Moving Company for a Stress-Free Move

Francey Beall
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11.2% of Americans moved in a single year. Of those who moved, 42.2% said it was for a housing-related reason. 

If you're retiring and ready to relocate, you'll want to trust your valuables with a reliable moving company. Otherwise, the memories you've accumulated over the years might end up shattered or lost during the move. You also want to make sure there are no surprises on your bill.

Moving is stressful enough. By finding the best Dallas moving company around, you can simplify the process without extra stress.

Here are the nine tips you need to find the best movers in Dallas!

With these tips, you can find someone you trust to make your move easier. 

1. Get References

Don't start your search online or in a phonebook. Instead, ask around. Check with friends, family, or previous coworkers. Ask if they've worked with a reliable Dallas moving company in the past. 

Check with your real estate agent as well.

Asking people you trust for a recommendation will help narrow down your options. At the same time, you can also learn more about the company from someone who worked with them before. 

If you can't find suggestions from friends or family, search online.

Make sure to check Google Reviews or the company's website for reviews. Reading testimonials from previous clients will give you a better sense of the company. 

2. Inventory

Before giving you a quote, a professional moving company will take inventory of your belongings. They'll also want to consider the bulk and weight of your move. When choosing a moving company, make sure they take the time to complete this process. In most states it is a law that the company do an In-home estimate.

When determining your quote, the mover will likely consider the weight of your possessions. They'll also want to know how much space your items will take within the truck. 

If they don't take inventory, how are they determining your quote?

3. Walkthrough

A reliable moving company will also perform a walkthrough. They'll make a note of what you plan to move and where you're going. If they don't take these notes, they'll fail to determine an accurate quote. 

Make sure the estimator asks lots of questions. They'll want to know what you plan to take from your current home to your next home. Make sure you know which items you plan on giving away or leaving behind. 

4. Check the BBB

The best Dallas moving company will have a positive reputation with the Better Business Bureau. You can check online to research the company's history for free. 

Make sure the company is BBB accredited. They should already have at least one good rating. If they're not listed with the BBB at all, keep looking. 

Texas was the eighth most popular state for inbound moves in 2018 and 2019.

When searching for Dallas movers, you'll want a company that's experienced. Otherwise, they're likely still working out the kinks for their business. Finding movers in Dallas who are experienced with constant moves will give you peace of mind. 

You don't want to become a guinea pig for the business.

Some companies avoid receiving an assessment from the BBB by doing business under different names. To avoid these moving companies, make sure the company has a local address. They should also provide information about their licensing and insurance. Ask if the moving company has an actual office in the Dallas area.

Make sure the company's employee's answer the phone using the company's full name as well. 

During your research, make sure to verify the company's address as well. If the address is listed under a residential name, keep looking. 

5. The Deposit

A trustworthy moving company won't demand cash or a large deposit before your move. You shouldn't have to pay them until after they've delivered your possessions. If you pay them beforehand, you'll have no control over when you'll see your possessions. 

When it is time to pay, make sure to use a credit card instead of cash. Some companies will not take a check when moving someone out of town. 

Paying with a credit card can help you protect yourself from possible fraud and proof of payment. 

6. Avoid Packing Costs

Take the time to pack your belongings yourself. Paying the movers to pack for you could result in an inflated cost for the boxes and packing materials. You'll also have to pay for the time and labor. 

If you do need their help packing, make sure to ask about the packers' experience. 

Some packers are careful, but others rush the process. This could result in broken possessions that weren't wrapped properly. Instead, make sure the packers use the proper material and seal the boxes to avoid breakage. 

7. Licensed & Insured

Before choosing a Dallas moving company, make sure the company is licensed and insured. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) gives licensed interstate movers a U.S. DOT number. If you're moving out of state, make sure to verify the moving company's license. You can visit the FMCSA website to request the company's DOT number. 

Reputable movers will have the proper credentials and licenses.  

If you're moving within Texas, check with your local consumer affair's agency and ask if the moving company has a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles registration number ( TXDMV)

8. Ask About Professional Accreditation

Trade associations always vet companies before rewarding them with membership or an approved seal. 

Finding a company with professional accreditation will give you peace of mind. These companies are considered professionals based on rigorous criteria. Instead of choosing a moving company at random, look for one with the proper accreditation. 

Search for Dallas movers that are affiliated with Moving Associations. Check out the Southwest Movers Association for reputable moving companies. 

9. Get Multiple Referrals

Don't accept the first estimate you receive. Instead, take the time to research different movers in Dallas. Ask at least three different companies for an in-person estimate. 

Remember, they have to assess your inventory in-person to give you an accurate quote.

Then, compare the three estimates. You can also ask what's included within the estimate to understand the company's full range of services. 

Relocate the Right Way: 9 Tips for Finding the Best Dallas Moving Company

Ready to retire and relocate? Do it the right way! With these nine tips, you can find the best Dallas moving company for the job!

Eager to get moving? Request a quote from our team today!

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