Moving On Up! What to Look For in Apartment Movers

Francey Beall
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A good apartment mover can make all the difference during your next move.

Any normal person dreads moving apartments. Moving houses is one thing, but moving from apartment to apartment brings a whole different level of dread. There are the stairs, booking the freight elevator, and then the pure joy of packing and moving stuff.

Why don't you let professional apartment movers handle that last part for you? Spending a bit of money on movers can save you the stress of the logistical problems of moving and probably add years to your life, but you've got to find the right one.

Today, we will tell you what you should look for in an apartment mover. There are certain qualities that set companies like ours apart from the crowd, so sit back and let us handle this move for you.

How to Find the Right Apartment Movers

Getting your friends to help you move for the one-time fee of pizza and beer has its place in the world. After a certain number of apartment moves, however, the sentiment loses its luster. Hiring movers really is a much better option for everyone.

When you're looking for a moving company, you've got to take several things into consideration. You don't want to end up with some guy that has a van charging you $200 to move (and maybe break) your things.

Go On Recommendations & Reviews

Moving companies live and die on customer reviews. Over 90% of millennials trust a business' online reviews as much as any recommendation they might get from a family member or friend.

That being said, always put out some feelers on social media to find a good moving company. People are often keen to share their positive or negative experiences with moving companies, so this might be an easy way of finding one.

Failing that, look at the company's Google and Yelp reviews. Their average star rating and tone of their reviews will give you an idea of what you'll be dealing with.

Check Out the Company's Online Presence

The company's online presence will be an indicator of the general quality of their operation. Moving companies differ from other establishments because don't need to be internet savvy to be a good mover. However, the way they present themselves online is telling.

Being able to find out rates and what exactly they can do for you is a crucial part of the selection process. Any company operating these days should make it easy for you to find, so be skeptical of the ones who don't.

How Long Have the Been In Business?

Find out how long they've been in business for. There's nothing that says that someone just starting out can't be a great apartment mover, but a business that's been operating successfully for a couple of decades is obviously preferable to one that's just starting out.

Every business has to make a name for itself. At Fantastic Moves, we've got nearly 25 years of experience in the world of moving, so you know that we know how to get your belongings from point A to point B safely and efficiently.


Do they have the proper licenses and insurance? This goes back to what we were talking about earlier with rogue movers. Technically, any random Joe with a cargo van could call himself a mover and start charging people, but if he doesn't have licenses and an insurance plan for your stuff, he shouldn't get your business.

You'll want the company to be legally obliged to protect your stuff. There are several resources online to ensure the validity of the company you're dealing with. Interstate movers are required to register with the Department of Transportation, wherein they receive a unique USDOT number.

Some high-rise buildings require a certificate of insurance. We have this certification at Fantastic Moves, but not every company does. Just because a company says it's licensed shouldn't deter you from doing a little investigation of your own.

How Do They Operate?

This is probably the most important thing to find out when you're hiring a moving company. What are they going to do for you?

Different companies have different ways of doing things. At Fantastic Moves, we suggest 2 weeks' notice before a move. We offer tips on how to pack properly (we also have packing services). We'll plan and prepare the apartment for a professional move.

Here's how we operate:

  • Elevators must be reserved in advance
  • We need to know if there's going to be a long walk from parking to the apartment
  • Make sure you've got everything packed up ahead of time. If we have to hand-carry loose items, it'll cost you more

The last thing you want is to be surprised by something on moving day, so a completely transparent conversation should be had between you and the representative from the moving company. We also sell boxes and have a quick guide on how many boxes you might need for your things.


Some moving companies can get expensive, depending on how much you need them to do. You can request a quote on our website and we'll get back to you with a rate based on how long you need us for, where you're moving to and from, and how many movers you'll need.

If you leave integral information out when requesting a quote, your rate could change slightly. So it's important to let the company know exactly what you need from them. While apartments usually contain fewer belongings, it might be more strenuous than moving a house, so rates can differ based on this.

Save Yourself the Headache

Visit us at Fantastic Moves to chat with one of our helpful representatives about planning your next move. We'll work alongside you to make sure that your move is as painless as possible.

Make sure to schedule your movers in advance, in case any other tenants in your building are moving at the same time. On the day of the move, our movers will show up, wrap your furniture and take apart anything that still needs dismantling.

Don't settle for apartment movers that don't have your best interest in mind. And definitely don't settle for one that isn't licensed and insured. Choose Fantastic Moves and get professional, friendly, and efficient service.

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