Hydrate During Summer Moves

Francey Beall
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You cannot always choose when you need to move. Summer seems to be the busiest time of the year to move. Summer is the hottest time of the year. Both the client and the movers should always hydrate before, during and after your moving day. The moving company crew will usually bring their own cooler of water and towels for drying off. As a client do not forget that you need to be prepared also. When packing up for your move it is a good idea to have your own cooler of bottled water and rehydrating drinks. Fruit and energy bars will help both you and the moving crew to get through the hot summer days of moving.

Other tips for moving during summer heat is to be prepared for your move. It is best to have all smaller items packed into boxes to minimize the number of trips into the summer heat that the moving company takes to their moving van. Be sure and get plenty of sleep the night before you move and avoid alcohol the night before and during the moving day. There will always be time to celebrate moving into your new home after Fantastic Moves gets you settled in.

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