5 Tips For Moving In The Heat

Francey Beall
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The Heat Dome of 2023 has not gone away. Moving is not only stressful....but also dehydrating. When you are packing all your items into boxes you dont realize you are exerting energy. Packing is not only time consuming, hard on your back and hands....you are also exerting energy. You should always have a glass of water nearby when packing up your home. Set yourself a goal. For every 5 boxes you pack drink 12oz of water.

The Texas heat can be overbearing. Try and schedule your move as early in the morning as possible. Ask your moving company how many movers will make your move go more quickly. Although the hourly rate may be a little higher - typically the move goes more quickly and everyone is out of the heat sooner.

When packing up for your move throw out any food items that will not survive the heat. The temperature inside the boxes and inside the moving van can ramp up quickly. Plan your grocery shopping according to your moving date. No sense in filling up your refrigerator full of food...only to box it up and hope the food does not spoil in the drive to the unload. Especially if you are moving intrastate or interstate. You know the saying...."the sun is risz the sun is set....and we aint out of Texas yet"

Know that the movers are going as quickly as they should to make it through the day. You want your moving crew to last the length of your move. Especially if you have stairs at both the load and unload location. The more prepared you are for your move the faster it goes for everyone.

As much as you want to keep the air conditioning going during your move. Know that the doors to the home will need to remain open most of the duration of the move. There will be escape of cool air. Have fans going to keep eveyone cool. Speaking of cool....know that moving is stressful. Both temperature and tempers can rise quickly. Try and stay calm, drink your water and keep level heads during the move.

Tips for moving in the Texas Heat - drink lots of water, plenty of sleep, be prepared, stay calm and know together the client and movers will have a fantastic move.

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